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Services for Candidates

Call: 020 3137 7096

I would like help with my CV from an experienced recruiter:

  1. we'll take a critical eye to your CV and help you get it into shape for that all important job;

  2. we can help you shape and organise your CV correctly so that it projects the right impression; and

  3. we can advise you on what you should do once you have a solid CV in place

I would like my application and supporting statement assessed by an experienced recruiter:

  1. have your application assessed ahead of submission for a job you're applying for;

  2. have your supporting statement assessed ahead of submission for a job you're applying for; and

  3. we can help you strengthen your submissions

I would like to talk to an experienced recruiter to explore my career:

  1. we can help you explore your next career steps and how you prepare yourself to get there;

  2. let us help you with strategies that will accelerate your path to success; and

  3. let us help you explore a specific career problem that you may have

Call: 020 3137 7096