The 10-day search is the most intensive of search activities that we offer with resource fully dedicated to making significant headway as quickly as possible.  Like with all our searches, the campaign sources individuals who would see your role as a natural progression as well as individuals holding a similar level of responsibility.


Our aim is to take your job specification and persuade potential candidates about the opportunity.  To do this successfully, our brief fully explores the key selling points and challenges to the post, shaping if and where necessary in order to gain interest from the right candidates.


The 10-day Search provides significant value to clients:

  • looking for the ‘quick win’ to boost their existing applicant list;

  • who know a set of candidates they would like to target for a position without the need for a lengthy search process;

  • who wish to supplement existing advertising (live or closed); while remaining inside the overall timescales for the appointment;

  • who by using an executive search consultant can manage the perception of the external audience and how determined you are to find the best candidate;

  • by enabling applicants to speak and ask questions more freely to a headhunter than they would otherwise do with the client directly, and therefore not show an interest at all; and

  • who wish to engage an experienced executive recruiter in a cost-effective way.


We typically contact up to 50 candidates.  The service is supported by updates on Day 4, 7 and 10 in relation to the level of activity, types of institutions contacted, feedback about the role or organisation, potential applicants (without sharing their name until they are committed and content with us doing so) or comments on why candidates are not looking at the role strongly enough with suggestions on how to change this.


While the search will be conducted over 10-days this doesn’t mean that we will not respond to any one that comes forward after the 10th day.  Reputation is everything.  We will respond to their questions and direct them appropriately.

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