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Our attitude will determine our altitude!

​Once in a while a ‘first-mover’ product, idea and vision in its infancy pops up to attract those entrepreneurial, ambitious and capable enough to support it and make it an outstanding commercial success.  Our social-educational product can accomplish this; and with an exceptional talented team we will achieve it.


We’re building a scalable social-education platform with exponential growth potential that develops and accelerates the academic attainment of all learners.  Quite distinct from other learning platforms, we're creating an unrivalled global network of formal and passive educators (to include employees of corporate businesses, students, parents and teachers) using a social networking model while laying the foundation to advertise and sell products and services.


The company’s vision has been mapped through an evolving business plan, roadmap and semi-working prototype.  However, to be successful we are looking to build a team of exceptionally talented individuals excited by the prospect of creating a business with huge potential to become a global education social network.





If you are an exceptional developer, fanatical about web development and relish the challenge of getting behind an exciting concept.  If you think you could be energised by a creative Founder seeking to match their vision with technologists who are talented enough to attract investment.  If you think you could commit to iterating an MVP further towards creating an education social network that improves the lives of its users.  If you are capable of building intuitive customer-focused interfaces that solve major problems, then please send your CV to michael.watson@candidateiskey.co.uk so that we can further understand your background and experience.


Please note, this is initially not a salaried post but an opportunity for the entrepreneurial, fanatical about web development and highly-talented web developers to express their talent in creating something exceptional which they can grow with and benefit from financially (through growth shares or equity) as we attract investment.







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