CV Checking Services

If you're submitting a CV to apply for a new job, ensure you make a great impression with your written material and its presentation.  Poor spacing and the lack of consistency can raise an eyebrow from the recipient who may perceive this to belie a wider issue of clarity, structure and focus.  Being half-hearted or submitting something speculative in the hope that you progress further is just a waste of time.  It can also set the wrong tone regarding your suitability for similar jobs that the organisation or agency could consider you for.


Writing a great CV doesn’t have to be physically and emotionally taxing or even lonely; we can support you by taking a critically constructive approach to improve your CV so that it projects the very best of you.  We will help you produce a resumé that is impressive and fits your personality and style.  The more we guide you the stronger and more confident you will feel articulating the information at interview to a prospective employer.  For our part we’re always conscious that only one candidate can be successful for each job, so we’re dedicated to helping you submit a CV that significantly improves your chances of being offered that position.


We offer four services:

  • (Basic) – CV is graded between ‘A’ and ‘D’ with an overall comment on suitability

  • (Standard) – CV is graded between ‘A’ and ‘D’ with a paragraph for suggested improvements

  • (Advanced) – CV is graded between ‘A’ and ‘D’ with an overall comment on suitability; a paragraph for suggested improvements and ‘track change’ amendments

  • (Excel) – CV support over four stages.

    • Stage 1 – we provide comments and return your CV to you.

    • Stage 2 – after you’ve incorporated the suggested amendments and made further adjustments of your own, we make further amendments if necessary, including on the design and we have a conversation to go with this as you receive the suggested amendments.

    • Stage 3 we make a final check with any further adjustments and keep track of your progress.