Creative Collaboration Project

For the Exceptionally Talented - Animator/Producer/Social Media/Artiste

Your attitude will determine your altitude!

We’re looking to build an exceptional team of individuals to produce a video reel and/or animation video for a story board that will bring to life a song and fictional character for the commercial music market.


Exceptionally Talented Animator or Video Producer - Starter

The first of the team members is for a highly talented animator or video producer who will work closely with the Creative Producer to develop something in line with the song and character.

Horrendously Talented Music Producer - Starter

A highly talented individual capable of improving the instrumentals for an unreleased pop song is required.  You'll be as confident as we are about the chances of this track being a huge commercial success once you hear the track and our vision for creating the material that goes with it.  Most importantly, you'll be able to create the version that will make this for a modern market.

Undiscovered Talented Musical Artiste(s)

While this will be the start of many tracks, we're looking to replicate this formula by engaging new artistes.  If you're interested in showcasing your talents as a male or female artiste, then we want to learn more.  Share your talent by pointing us to your existing material so we can hear your voice.

Super Social Media Professional

You'll need to be a social media nerd to match the creative talents of the other team members so that their efforts are not in vain.  Highly knowledgeable and talented on all social media platforms, you'll be something of a budding social influencer and networker with a considerable reach and ability to not just share information but understand where to share beyond your own social circles.





These roles are not salaried.  However, as a commercial venture the use of the material will be recognised with an agreed payment or royalties.  With all these opportunities, you need to be entrepreneurial and ready to try something different that will showcase your exceptional talent and that will gel with our vision for this fictional character and captivate a global audience once released.

We don't do things by halves.  We're looking to build a network that will begin a series of these reels.  Our vision of story board animation for music is clearly not unique, but the combination of excellence is what will make this and the individuals involved a roaring success, laying the foundation for many more of this kind.

So, if you're exceptional in any of these fields and excited about getting behind a fantastic concept.  If you're just curious and think you could be energised by a Creative Producer seeking to match their vision with specialists who are talented enough to create a blockbuster product.  If you think you could commit to iterating an existing song and create the imagery to go with it.  If you think you have the voice and image of a music superstar, then please send your CV to so that we can further understand your background and fit as a prelude to a further conversation.





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